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Why Join OLX?

Whether you’re taking the first step in your career or looking for your next challenge, read on to discover our top 10 reasons why OLX could be the perfect place for you.

1. We make an impact for millions of people

At OLX, we have a clear vision: to create leading marketplace ecosystems enabled by tech, powered by trust, and loved by customers. This drives our everyday work and gives all our teams a shared goal.

In real terms, this means that we strive to be better because we know we improve the lives of hundreds of millions of users:

  • Parents purchase a high-quality, affordable crib for their newborn baby.
  • A retiree sells the equipment he no longer uses for a fair price.
  • Newlyweds close the deal on their dream home.
  • A graduate finds the perfect role to start their career.
  • A Lego collector buys a rare set they have been searching for.

Our customers find joy everyday using the platforms that OLX creates; and behind these platforms are our people.

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2. We make an impact on our planet

Our purpose is focused on working together to create a positive environmental impact. We do this by driving the circular economy and enabling second-hand sales across many product categories, including cars, motorcycles, smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, fashion and books. We have been measuring the impact of this every year since 2019.

In 2022, trades made by our users saved a projected equivalent of:

  • Materials savings (including conflict minerals): over 3.6 million tonnes, equivalent to the weight of over 46 million washing machines
  • Energy savings: over 122 million GJ-eq, equivalent to over 3 million US households’ yearly energy use
  • Water savings: over 645 million m3, equivalent to over 258,361 olympic-sized swimming pools
  • Emissions savings: over 5.2 million tonnes CO2-eq, equivalent to almost 5 million one-way flights from Amsterdam to New York.
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3. We’re one of the fastest-growing trading platforms and a place of possibilities

When you join OLX, you will find endless opportunities to make your mark. We think big and act bold: in FY22 we generated more than $3 billion in revenue and grew by +93% year on year. During the same time, we had more than 124m million active listings with 174 million mobile app users. None of this would be possible without our passionate and entrepreneurial people, and it is this level of ambition and scale that makes OLX a place of possibilities.

4. We are #OneOLX made up of many well-loved local brands

We are made up of many brands such as OLX, Otomoto and Otodom, and we have a presence as a market leader in many countries including Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, and more. This gives our people the opportunity to work on a huge variety of exciting projects, with the potential to move across numerous locations and teams.


5. We’re backed by one of the biggest technology investors in the world

OLX is backed by Prosus: an early investor in Tencent, the owner of Stack Overflow and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Being backed by such a large investment group ensures we have the capital and resources to turn dreams into reality.

6. We’re committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion is fundamental to our success and something we continuously work to improve. The diversity of our workforce – which is made up of  more than 70 nationalities – brings true global perspectives and experiences to create fully inclusive products for our customers.

But, what does this look like in practice?

  • This year we appointed our first female CEO, alongside making progress on our representation goal of increasing female talent across the organisation; with a significant increase in representation of women in leadership and technology. We achieve this by embedding DEI in our people practices and processes such as talent acquisition, talent management and development.
  • As well as this, we have business resource groups for Women, Disability, LGBTQIA+ and Neurodiversity as part of our new global DEI strategy, with more planned. And our inclusive working policies continue to evolve to allow for hybrid, and flexible working, to meet the balance of work life integration.
  • As an inclusion indicator, we have a six factor DEI index that we measure twice a year, currently at 83% positive. This shows our work is making progress, but we know there is still much more to do. As such, our DEI principles are at the core of what we do and we continue to strive to make our actions both impactful and measurable.
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7. We’re a part of the communities we serve

At OLX, we know we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of the diverse communities we serve. That’s why we give back in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples from across some of our locations: 

  • Internally, our most recent global Sustainability Challenge saw 14 of our leaders make personal pledges to help improve their environmental impact by switching cars for public transport and biking, only buying second hand clothes, limiting shower duration and electricity usage, and  reducing meat consumption. These pledges were a fun and engaging way to raise awareness within the OLX community and foster environmental responsibility across all our teams.
  • In 2022, in response to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, our first priority was the safety of our people, with financial and other support provided immediately. We also established a US$10m humanitarian fund, with US$8.5m expended to date (US$3.5m in medical equipment for hospitals, US$2.6m for blood delivery and other medical support, US$1.4m to a prosthetics institute, and US$1.0m for an employee support programme, among others). In addition, OLX in Ukraine has continued to offer discounts for paying users, and has worked on over 30 initiatives with 22 charitable foundations, companies and organizations. It has also become the ambassador of the NEST initiative to build temporary housing for Ukrainians, and launched a blog, Helping Ukrainians.
  • In Poland, we have so far organized fifteen editions of “Feed The Dogs With OLX”, a virtual campaign which allows OLX users to feed dogs from local shelters in Poland. For every click OLX donates real food to animals in need. Throughout the most recent campaign, we managed to feed 100 dogs (and 20 cats) by providing 2500 kg of food, while in addition managing to find homes for 21 dogs from the shelters through our platforms.

8. We’ve been around since 2006, but still operate like a startup

We have nearly 20 years of experience and expertise in the online classifieds industry. In 2021, Forbes ranked OLX Group 3rd in their list of global brands ranked by online footprint – just behind Google and Trip Advisor. However, we’re proud to still have the agility and spirit of a start-up which is reflected in some of our key leadership behaviors. 

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9. We invest in ourselves

Just as we shape the future of trade, we want you to shape your future at OLX. We are committed to investing in OLX-ers and to helping you grow your skills and gain experience while working with us.

That’s why we established #OLXplore – our internal mobility program – which enables colleagues to develop within OLX to find the role and department that suit you best.  So, if it suits your career goals, we encourage employees to move across teams, departments and locations within the company.

As well as this, we place a high value on talent development and invest heavily in learning systems and resources, including:

  • Our internal learning platform, My Academy, which offers access to more than 270,000 courses, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks for self-paced learning
  • OLX’s own AI Coach innovation – PlusOne – which has both a coach and mentor functionality, to guide people managers and supplement our Manager Excellence program
  • The OLX 360 assessment tool, executive 1-1 coaching program, and mentoring program, which as well as providing customizable learning resources, allows leaders and managers at OLX build awareness and skills to drive business results and grow talent.
  • Catalyst:  an online interactive platform designed specifically for assessing product, data and technology talent’s skill set, comparing roles, and obtaining learning resources to fill the skills gap
  • And many more!

10. We are looking for the very best talent!

OLX is on an exciting path with a clear vision and purpose, and we need talent like yourself to get us there. So whether you are interested in data science, engineering, product, business intelligence, marketing, legal, human resources or something else, join us and unlock your potential!