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Why Join OLX?

Whether you’re taking the first step in your career or looking for your next challenge, read on to discover 9 reasons why OLX could be the perfect place for you.

1. Help Make Millions Of People Smile

We have a clear vision: to create leading marketplace ecosystems enabled by tech, powered by trust, and loved by customers. Each month, we engage 45 million app users and host 73 million active listings

In reality, this means your work makes a difference to real people:

  • Parents can purchase a high-quality, affordable crib for their newborn baby.
  • A retiree is able to sell equipment they no longer use for a fair price.
  • Newlyweds are able to close the deal on their dream home.
  • A graduate can find the perfect role to start their career.
  • A Lego collector can finally buy that rare set they have been searching for.

If you wish to see the direct impact that your work has, then OLX is the place for you.

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2. Invest In Your Growth

We’re not just shaping the future of trade – we’re committed to making sure you are always developing. Our dedication to your learning is unwavering, with a range of programs and resources designed to help you thrive in a way that suits you:

#OLXplore: Our internal mobility program encourages you to explore and transitions across roles, teams, and locations, aligning your career path with your aspirations.

My Academy: Everyone at OLX has access to over 270,000 courses, videos, and audiobooks for self paced learning. 

PlusOne: OLX’s AI Coach, offering coaching and mentoring at any time to elevate your management skills. 

OLX 360: A comprehensive assessment tool paired with 1-2-1 executive coaching and mentoring programs to build leadership capabilities. 

Catalyst: Sharpen your tech skills with our interactive platform for talent assessment and development.

3. A Culture That Places You At Its Core

At the heart of our business lies a culture that truly values and prioritises its people. In fact, one of our values is to Act with Care and Integrity, and this is deeply embedded in how we operate.

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes a culture, but here are just a few tangible ways we put our people at the heart of OLX:

BetterUp Care: All our people have access to unlimited therapy and coaching sessions through our BetterUp partnership, to support your mental health as well as your professional growth. In our most recent full Engagement Survey, 81% of our team agreed that the company is committed to improving their wellbeing. 

‘Speak up’: We encourage an environment where everyone feels comfortable to voice their concerns confidently. Our ‘Speak Up’ program is a testament to this, with 87% of our employees saying that they feel able to speak openly and not shy away from difficult conversations.  

Engagement Surveys: Conducted quarterly, our surveys form an integral part of our dedication to continuous improvement and employee experience. This is where the figures above come from and we use the results from each survey to drive our priorities at both team and overall company level.

4. Do Something That Makes A Difference To Our Planet

Your work supports a sustainable future by promoting the circular economy. Our platform’s impact includes significant savings in materials, energy, water, and emissions, demonstrating our commitment to the planet. During just the last year (FY 2023), trades made by our users saved a projected: 

  • €169 million of saving for just electronics
  • 430 million m3 of water
  • 2.5 million tonnes of materials
  • 3 million tonnes of CO2-eq emissions

Working at OLX, you can feel good knowing you are making a positive impact on our planet.

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5. Diverse Projects, Global Scale

We are made up of many brands such as OLX, Otomoto and Otodom, and we have a presence as a market leader in many countries including Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, and more. 

This can give you the opportunity to work on a huge variety of exciting projects, with the potential to move across numerous locations and teams. 

At OLX, you’ll never run out of things to learn, places to see and challenges to take on.


6. Disruptors Wanted

Immerse yourself in an environment where entrepreneurial spirit and innovation thrives. In fact, one of our core values is that we Think Big and Be Bold.

Our backing by Prosus, one of the world’s largest technology investors, provides us with the resources and stability to dream big and achieve our ambitious goals. Yet, despite our legacy spanning nearly two decades, we’ve maintained the agility, innovation, and spirit of a startup.

This unique combination ensures that we’re not just a leader in the online classifieds industry but also a place where your ideas can flourish.

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7. We Are Always Committed To DEI

Our diverse team of over 50 nationalities is our strength, driving innovation and inclusivity in everything we do. 

We’re committed to enhancing diversity across all levels, particularly for women in leadership and tech roles, through comprehensive DEI practices in talent management and development. Our inclusive work policies support hybrid and flexible work arrangements, promoting work-life balance for everyone. We also have active business resource groups and our DEI index is currently measured at 85%.

But we know there is always more we can do  and with that in mind, our approach is to continuously review and strive for greater inclusivity and impact. If you join OLX, you are welcome to help drive DEI and be involved in our BRGs.

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8. Engage In Our Communities

We know we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of the diverse communities we serve. We actively contribute to making a positive impact through various initiatives, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility. A few examples include: 

Sustainability Challenge: Leaders from across Europe pledged to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, such as using public transport over cars and buying second hand clothes, to inspire environmental responsibility across our teams. 

Support for Ukraine: In response to the emerging crisis in early-2022, we prioritized the safety of our team with financial and other support provided immediately. We also established a US$10m humanitarian fund, and to date,- we’ve allocated US$8.5m towards medical equipment, blood delivery, and support for displaced individuals. 

Feed the Dogs with OLX: In Poland, we have so far organized fifteen editions of “Feed The Dogs With OLX”, a virtual campaign which allows OLX users to feed dogs from local shelters in Poland. For every click OLX donates real food to animals in need – and in our most recent campaign this equated to 2,500kg of food for animals in need.

9. We Want YOU!

OLX is on an exciting journey, and we are looking for people to help achieve our vision and who share our passion for customers, people and planet. Whether your interest lies in data science, engineering, marketing, or any other field – OLX offers an environment where your curiosities will be nurtured and celebrated.

Take a look at our open roles and see how you can make millions of people smile. 


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