Home Blogs How Did OLX Scale From 1 To 6 Teams To Enable Convenient Transactions For Millions Of users Through Pay&Ship?

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How we scaled from one to 6 teams to enable convenient transactions for millions of users through Pay&Ship?

Q&A with Corina, now Head of Product for Pay & Ship at OLX. On scale, APIs eco-systems, orchestration, snow and grandmother childhood memories

Corina Dumanovschi
Head of Product

Flash forward to today. Now at OLX, Corina wants that same happiness and security for OLX users.

“I sat by the fire without a worry. Similarly, Pay and Ship can take away the worry for OLX’s buyers and sellers. They can sit beside the fire, knowing their order or payment will arrive safely and efficiently.”

It is about convenience and peace of mind


Orchestrate the Ecosystem

How has managing the Pay & Ship ecosystem been?

“Personally, I’ve grown a lot. We started in a green field. When we started this journey, we were a one-person team. I researched what OLX isn’t doing and what we could be doing. I did have an ‘aha’ moment when the huge potential of marketplace payments became clear,” exclaims Corina.

“We built out our team and started working on the first prototype. We went from one to two teams and now we’ve grown into six teams. When the pandemic hit, the ecosystem really became a lot of work. The payment side is complex. You need mechanisms for refunds and payouts, making sure the seller and delivery company both get their money. We have this whole ecosystem of different APIs, services and 3rd party integrations.”

Part of the the Eco-System of Pay & ship

We have a mix of diverse talents. I went from a hands-on one-person team to Head of Product.

Brainstorming with the teams

Change Is Constant; Consolidate empathy in the value you deliver.

“Embrace change. Nothing is constant. The world is evolving. One of the few constants is change. I live by this philosophy.”


Different Mental Models & No “One-Size-Fits-Men” Approach

“Be prepared for speed. We move fast and learn at a fast pace. Take risks and contribute. It’s valuable to bring a new point of view. If a team has been working together for a long time, a new member can add value by speaking their mind.”

A real snow lover …