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Hybrid Work at OLX Group

At OLX Group, we believe that our values live in our hearts, not our hallways. Working from home the past 15+ months has changed everything. While this time has been challenging we have also discovered a more flexible style of work that comes with new benefits.

Why Hybrid?

We want to build a company where people can do their best work. Some people work best in an office building, while others work best from a home office. That's why flexibility is more important than ever. Amazing candidates increasingly expect flexible work, and as employers, we’ll miss out on great people if we don’t adapt.

How Hybrid Works

We have learned through surveys and workshops that the majority of OLXers prefer some form of flexible work. We also collected input from business unit leaders and cross-functional groups, to ensure we maintain our culture of collaboration which our business depends on. Finally, we embraced a set of principles including team connection, flexibility, adapting to market reality, inclusiveness, and being intentional about designing our ways of working.

Hybrid: Home First

Primary location at home [present in office/ onsite location whenever needed].

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Hybrid: Office First

Primary location in the office [40%-100% of working days, with the remainder of work done at home]

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Onsite Only

100% work from the office / onsite: For customer-facing roles, inspection centers, when access to workstations are required, etc.

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